Products supplied by us include ceramic transfers/decals, white ware, glass ware, wood and stationary.

Ceramic Transfers / Decals

Open stock Our range covers giftware, tiles, tableware etc, offering over 400 patterns such as dogs, cats, film stars, music stars, floral, horses, fruits and landscapes, etc.

Controlled printing

We offer a full printing service to your specifications.

White ware

Over 1000 items to choose from our range of porcelain, which includes giftware, hotel ware and catering etc.

Glass ware

Plates, trays, mugs, shot glasses, ashtrays are part of the glass products we can offer.


New products recently launched including teapot stands, key/lead holders and trays etc.


Trying to help our customers by providing all your stationery requirements at very competitive prices. Includes order forms, invoices, envelopes and visit cards etc.

Catalogues for our products are available upon request.

Rainbow Decors Ltd. is now the distributor of all BMK Transfers stock range.

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